Randall soon collaborated
           with his brother Stan,
         an ophthalmologist,
            to improve text readability
          with a new
              text formatting method,
        called Live Ink©.
     Randall and Stan
         designed Live Ink
            to promote
                the dynamic perception
              of word groups
                  in a sentence,
           and to augment
            with multidimensional
                syntactic cueing patterns.

     I'm intrigued
        with Live Ink
          because we read
                with our brains,
       and not our eyes
        -- the reason blind people
              can read via braille.
     When we read,
       the brain
         tells the eyes
            where to stop and focus;
           eye fixations
             occur at logical junctures.
     I think
        [Live Ink] parses text
           much the same way
              the brain does.

   — Janet Elder, Author and
         Nationally Renowned
           Reading Specialist