Randall Walker, MD,
        is a practicing physician,
           clinical investigator,
        and educator
            at a College of Medicine
               in Rochester, Minnesota.
     In the mid-1990s,
        he became aware
            of subtle visual problems
                 in young people (and himself)
               that impaired
                   their reading performance,
        especially from computer displays.
     He came to understand
         that everyone
            could read better
       if the way
          the words were presented
        was more consistent
           with the way our eyes
              and brain actually work.

     I'm intrigued
        with Live Ink
          because we read
                with our brains,
       and not our eyes
        -- the reason blind people
              can read via braille.
     When we read,
       the brain
         tells the eyes
            where to stop and focus;
           eye fixations
             occur at logical junctures.
     I think
        [Live Ink] parses text
           much the same way
              the brain does.

   — Janet Elder, Author and
         Nationally Renowned
           Reading Specialist