Live Ink's unique,
       brain-friendly formatting
         has produced
           research-proven results:
        more efficient reading
          (fewer eye movements
              and better comprehension);
         improved recall
              more accurate retention
                of material read;
        less reported eye strain
          when compared
             to block text.
        who include Live Ink technology
            have found
          that it adds
              market value
                  to their digital offerings:

  •      I like to keep up
               with the pertinent news,
              magazines, articles
            and anything else
                that I find interesting.
         Live Ink
           has changed,
               for the better,
             my on-line reading habits.
         In the past
             I have not liked
                to read much text
                   from the screen
                and I avoided it.
         Live Ink solves that
              and makes the whole process
          — C.B., Retired Instructional Designer
                and Technical Writer
  •      I am
             an atmospheric scientist
                with an interest
                    in typography,
               data graphics
            and communication.
         I really like
              reading this way,
            and I think
                it has the potential
                  to greatly improve
                     on-line reading.
         You have me thinking
            about how best
                to present scientific papers
                 on the Web.
          — M.B.,
                Atmospheric Scientist
  •      I love it!
         It's so nice
             to take an eBook
           and turn it
               into a readable format.
         I can actually digest
            a large work
               without my eyes getting tired.
         My wife says
           it looks
             somewhat like poetry.
          — J.L., Graduate Student,
                Computer Programming