The gains in efficiency
          appeared to result
               from giving readers
                 a more organized format,
       which enabled them to target
         where to invest
            more of their reading time:
          they spent less time
              on the subordinate terms,
          while still investing
             sufficient reading time
                 on the core backbone
                    of sentence meaning.
          the on-demand version
              of Live Ink® Technology,
        instantaneously transforms
          all digital text into a format
       proven to increase productivity,
          insure accurate recall,
        and reduce eyestrain
           caused by extended reading
             from a computer screen.
  •      "I am truly amazed and astonished
             by this remarkable
                 and unusual technology.
         I can read
             without any visual distress
           at more than
                 twice the rate
              and with greater comprehension;
         I only wish
            I had this product
               in grad school.
         [I] read technical materials,
             such as tax compliance information
          -- Live Ink
                will not only increase
                     your reading speed
                   and comprehension,
           but will make it
              an enjoyable experience
            and, save you time."
          — W.P., Accountant,
                St. Petersburg, Florida