By focusing reading attention,
          and making
             on-line reading
                  more enjoyable
                and less effortful,
          helps students read
             with greater comprehension
           and retention.
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  •      Live Ink technology
           has transformed
               our reading program
             and has helped our students
               measurable results
                 increased reading comprehension,
           increased confidence
             in reading higher
                 Lexile level articles,
               and better performance
                 on mid-term and final exams.
          — I.N.,
                Associate Professor of Reading,
                   El Camino Community College
  •      "Honestly, I
             haven't been this excited
                about an idea
                  in a long time.
         I have been struggling
             with the density of text
                  with my students
                for so long.
         When I read in Live Ink,
            I could feel my eyes relax,
               and the meaning
                   was so much more apparent.
         And if true for me,
           how much more so
             for my students."
          — K.P.,
                Remedial Reading Instructor,
                   Southern Illinois University
  •      Every reader
             can benefit
                from a reading environment
           that allows you
              to easily see
                 and derive
               the meaning plainly.
         Comprehension scores
               on standardized tests
              have steadily risen
                   in our school,
           as a result
             of using Live Ink.
          — C.V.,
                High School
                   Social Studies Teacher