• delivers
           increased revenue
               even in price-sensitive markets
      • provides
            your sales force
          with unique
               and effective selling point
      • demonstrates commitment
             to improving user experience
                 for your readers
      • builds loyalty
            among your customers
                during the transition
                    from print to digital
     For more information
         on integrating
              Live Ink format
            into your digital publications,
       please contact us by email
            at partners@liveink.com.

  •      I like to keep up
               with the pertinent news,
              magazines, articles
            and anything else
                that I find interesting.
         Live Ink
           has changed,
               for the better,
             my on-line reading habits.
         In the past
             I have not liked
                to read much text
                   from the screen
                and I avoided it.
         Live Ink solves that
              and makes the whole process
          — C.B., Retired Instructional Designer
                and Technical Writer
  •      I am
             an atmospheric scientist
                with an interest
                    in typography,
               data graphics
            and communication.
         I really like
              reading this way,
            and I think
                it has the potential
                  to greatly improve
                     on-line reading.
         You have me thinking
            about how best
                to present scientific papers
                 on the Web.
          — M.B.,
                Atmospheric Scientist
  •      I love it!
         It's so nice
             to take an eBook
           and turn it
               into a readable format.
         I can actually digest
            a large work
               without my eyes getting tired.
         My wife says
           it looks
             somewhat like poetry.
          — J.L., Graduate Student,
                Computer Programming